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Museums At Night

Posted: May 5, 2016 in Museum

Well, we wanted to get a bathing machine so we could make interesting and fun videos for Brighton Toy and Model Museum during Brighton Festival Fringe but they never got back to us, no matter how much we tried to mail them with exhortations.IMG_3384

So, we might not be a part of the Fringe (poo!) but we are doing a thing for Museums At Night (yay!).

I was wondering what form the Museums at Night event was going to take, typically, there was a lot of talk with great ideas that are never implemented but we’ve finally got it pinned down; an adult’s Playday!

I’m quite looking forward to the Immersive Barbie Mutilation aspect. We’ll be doing the typical stuff like face painting and arts & crafts too, but it’s nice to have a go at a Barbie with a hacksaw!